Create a "Pending Death Quote" queue for submissions that cannot list amount in Digiclaim.

When a FH tries to submit a death claim on a Trust, Insurance, etc., a notification is sent to Incoming Claims so that the quote can be processed and sent to the FH. However, the insured's information is moved to a Processing Claims queue that gives the impression to the FH that the submission was successful and they often do not understand why they cannot see a quote form/death claim form or the proposed amount.

I believe it would be less confusing for there to be a Pending Death Quote queue with a "hover" information box explaining why the claim is in that queue.

I would also have a pop-up stating that a quote request has been submitted and that we will send them the quote. It could also state that once the quote is generated, it will be available for viewing like normal on the digiclaim dashboard.

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  • Jul 6 2017
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I need it... Yesterday (let's go already)
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