Post Service Email Drip to Introduce Select Producer to Previously Served Funeral Home Family

This email campaign would be helpful in introducing the Select Producer  to previously served families in a courteous and professional way and would be the  initial step in creating awareness about the benefits  prepaid funeral benefits contract. This 2 event campaign would consist of the following:


1st Event/Email -30 days after funeral or memorial service - Family receives a condolence email and list of local grief resources and attach Aftercare Resource Guide introduction to SP with link to MTP page


2nd Event Email- 60 days after service- Family receives a "Introduction to Pre-Planning" email citing benefits of planning ahead. Include a link in email to "Preplan Online Form"  on FH website or MTP Page. Attach Why plan ahead brochure or similar content. Even better create a video featuring funeral home director or owner encouraging planning ahead.


3d Step- Phone call by SP- one week after "intro to Preneed" email sent

IMPORTANT NOTE-This process should be happening using automation from Passare data info integrating into Pipeline Deals and scheduling and initiation of email through Mailchimp or other applicable software without the SP having to manually send one by one.

SP responsibility after the 2nd event would be to call and introduce self on phone and confirm family received the information and ask to answer any questions .

This concept when effective can also further case for adoption of Passare to non Passare firms.

I have 3 Funeral Homes that have expressed interest in this concept already if a pilot would be helpful.

I have attached the 2  email letters mentioned. Obviously, a " polish up" on the writing would be appreciated and graphics with Funeral Home logo etc.


I look forward to discussing this further and adding next level tracking to this concept.

Thank you

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