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Received a call from Stewy asking if there is away to either make the commission widget collapsible or a way  you would have to click on to make it appear/disappear.  Reason being if an agent is on their computer and signs on and another agent is close by that can see notices their commissions and this causes an issue.

Stewy as already witnessed this happen where an agent sign in walked away briefly but the FD's were standing there noticed it and began discussing that agents commissions

  • Melissa King
  • Oct 19 2016
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I need it... Quarter
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  • Oct 31, 2016

    Admin Response

    With the upcoming widget library you will be able to drag the commission widget off the screen if you do not want it to appear on your dashboard. In addition to that, you can also lock your computer or minimize your browser.

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  • Leon Stone commented
    October 19, 2016 16:03

    This is stupid. A FD already knows that a sales professional makes more commission than they do. This is much ado about nothing in my humble but accurate opinion and not worth our wasting valuable time trying to find a way to fix it.