Pipeline Sync/Interactions Issues

Pipeline with Sync turned on tracks every email as an interaction with a client. This is a confidentiality issue. Marketing needs Sync to be turned on for Sales Managers to send their own email campaigns to specific clients and track the open and click rate. Goal is to test/create email templates and test with 3 Sales Managers the rest of 2017 - roll out at end of year meeting/training and Sales Managers use in 2018.

Ideally Pipeline would fix this on their end where the Sales Managers can select if an email is tracked. A short-term solution I came up with is through the API, see the interactions with that sales managers a specific client (people as Pipeline calls it) and send a daily email to the Sales Manager showing what was tracked the last 24/48 hours so they know to delete it if there is confidentiality information or does not need to be tracked.

Meeting with Pipeline CEO October 20th to determine if they can fix it, but I want this to be IT's radar in case Pipeline won't fix it.

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  • Sep 15 2017
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  • Jun 13, 2018

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    Per Mitchell, this idea can be closed, as it is a Pipeline issue and not an issue with our systems. 

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