Pop-up notification when FH tries to submit death claim on a contract that is already suspended

Many funeral homes do not realize that they do not have to submit a death claim for each contract associated with the insured. For example: a contract with add-ons. They go back and try to submit for the A, the B, the C, etc. Every time they do that, we receive a notification in-house, and we have to double check that there is no problem.

My proposal is an AND/OR idea:

If an insured has multiple contracts, a notice/pop-up/disclaimer could show up notifying the FH that they only have to submit once and/or, if they do try to submit a second time, a pop-up could show up explaining that the contract is already suspended and that they do not have to submit again.

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  • Jul 7 2017
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I need it... Not Sure -- just thought it was cool
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  • Anissa Minatra commented
    July 07, 2017 20:07

    This is a great idea.  When working this idea, be sure to note not all contracts are written by the same funeral home/cemetery on one insured.  At times, the contract/policy needs to be deselected to allow the cemetery or other funeral home to file on the claim for them self.  Example would be National Memorial Planning for the casket and the funeral home for their preneeded services and merchandise.  Same goes for the cemetery with separate funeral home preneed.  Thanks