SP to be able to adjust GPL prices for all their FHs

I noticed that under Digicon on the new OA someone can adjust GPLs for assigned FHs. The issue is that I do not have access to all my FHs on OA.  I would like for SP to be able to adjust their own GPLs and other price lists as needed. This way it is always up to date and easy to use. This would avoid having to scan and email price lists every time they change. We would also be able to add urns or other merchandise that may not always be on a GPL

  • Whitney Koehler
  • Jan 26 2017
  • Not Planned
I need it... Yesterday (let's go already)
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  • Feb 27, 2017

    Admin Response


    After talking with Paul and the PSC it was decided that this will be evaluated on a case by case basis and can be handled through roles and permissions. Please contact our help center if you need help with this.

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