Conclave Request : Widget on Online Access that allows Sales Managers to view Lead Generation campaign status

Kris Seale brought this idea from the recent Conclaves to Jeff Stewart, and would like to move it forward. This is a great idea for improving the communication process between the home office and the sales field.

Per conversation with Zack Shahan, the widget can tie into the Redmine system and pull: campaign name, due date, and last comments entered by lead generation rep and designer (two different Redmine entries). We would also want to restrict the sales manager from being able to change anything within the job, but we would like to allow them the ability to add their own comments that will then return to the appropriate lead generation rep.

In addition, the Redmine system will need to add a field that selects the appropriate sales manager so that it can be pulled into the widget.

Whoever is assigned to work on this, please have a meeting with Kelley Baber to go over the specifics of what we're needing before starting.

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  • Oct 13 2016
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