PDF Versions of Brochures, Etc

Having access to all brochures, forms, etc (items in supplies) would be hugely beneficial to to myself, as a marketer, as well as to your sales team (if they don't already have access to this information. It would be an easy way to look up information that's needed and would be helpful in presenting products and key FDLIC benefits to potential funeral homes. Many times email is the first way, and sometimes only, way we communicate with a firm or agent who is multiple states away. 

As a marketer in multiple states, it's critical that I have PDF copies of each state's enrollment form, contract, any other forms necessary to do business in that particular state, as well as rate sheets. I'm the go-to person for my team, so I need to have  knowledge of these forms and be able to help them when they are onsite (again many states away).

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  • Mar 5 2019
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I need it... Yesterday (let's go already)
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