When logging in, a password automatically populates. If I click on submit it indicates it's a wrong password. Either make sure the passord is current and the correct one or never have a password in the box. I have to input it anyway so don't put the wrong one in there. Thanks

it will save time

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  • Jun 15 2016
I need it... Month
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  • Jun 17, 2016

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    This is actually an issue with your browser. At some point in time you had entered your password incorrectly and saved it in your browser preferences. If you are using Firefox you can click on the hamburger icon in the top right hand corner of your browser. After that, click on options which will open up a new tab. On left hand side of the screen there are another set of options, choose Security and then Saved Logins. When you click on Saved Logins, another screen will pop up displaying all of your saved logins. You can scroll until you find the one that is saved and click remove. Please contact help@dig-inc.net if you need any additional help removing this saved login.



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