Death certificates uploaded for Digiclaim out of states should mark the proof of death when a death certicate is uploaded through Digiclaim.

We have noticed that when a death certificate for an Out of State Pre-need is uploaded by Digiclaim that it is not marking the proof of death flag for us and it should be doing this every time. The Proof of Death is also not getting marked when the death certificate is uploaded from the claim policy screen.

  • Stephanie Wilson
  • Oct 10 2016
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  • Anissa Minatra commented
    October 18, 2016 20:05

    For Texas, we do not need the proof of death flag to update. We do this at the time the claim is processed for Texas.  For all out of state claims, we need the "proof of death" flag to change to "Y" yes when the DC is uploaded either on-line by the FH and also with the intake team when a DC doc type is uploaded. thanks